December 1, 2015

Kyler is 12

I can not believe how quickly this little guy

became this big guy. 12 years old!

He is such a sweet, generous, creative, loving member of our family.

We celebrated his birthday in two parts. First, he invited a few friends for an outdoor laser tag battle. We combined his birthday celebration with Kacin's upcoming birthday. They each invited a few friends and battled out on the field for two hours. It was cold that morning! But the boys had so much fun I don't think it even bothered them.

On the day of his actual birthday, we tried to shower him with love. I made the breakfast of his choice. I slipped a note into his school lunch. But the most exciting thing for him was receiving his "own" phone!

Nothing fancy. Just an old "dumb" phone. But the texting and calling has been quite exciting for him. He loved all of the text messages and phone calls he got that day from aunts and uncles and grandparents.

The big plan was to put the phone by his ear in the morning and to call it to wake him up. Well, the little punk was already up when we got up early to do it! So Eric just casually left it in the room Kyler was in. We called the phone twice before he found it and answered it.

That evening, after dinner of his choice, we had ice cream cake and opened presents. He was thrilled to use one of his gifts right away--we watched Star Wars episode 1 that night and we are slowly making progress on watching all of the others before the release of the new movie.

Please don't judge the cake.

Layla, as usual, was super excited for Kyler's birthday celebration. She even made everyone birthday party hats to wear.

The thing Kyler was the most excited about in turning 12 was having the priesthood conferred to him and being ordained a Deacon. We had many conversations initiated by Kyler in preparation . It was important to Kyler that he was worthy to receive the priesthood. It made my heart happy to see him taking it so seriously and honoring the priesthood. I hope he always feels the same way. He even told us a few days before being ordained a deacon that he was more excited to become a deacon than he ever has been to go to Disneyland. I love that. We are so proud of him.