November 17, 2015

These Days

Layla was playing with some toys in the kitchen while I was cleaning up this morning. She was pretending her toys were talking to each other. All of a sudden, she looked up at me confused and exclaimed, "Wait! Why did I say that?! I just said chocolate goose. Why did I say that word?" I'm not sure, Layla girl. The funny thing is she has questioned her word choice and usage in very similar scenarios before. Silly girl.

While we were cleaning up after dinner one night, Eric turned kids songs on his phone and Perry took the phone in the other room by the piano to listen and play. A few minutes later, when Eric went in to check on him, the music had been changed to a Foo Fighters/ACDC station. Eric picked up the phone and offered to change the music back to kids songs for him. Perry protested, "No, I want the scary songs."

Kacin tried out for and got a part in the Veteran's Day assembly. He was one of the narrator's in the K-3 show. He worked really hard and memorized his part. Isn't that awesome? I was impressed. I don't think anyone else had their part memorized. He did such a great job at it!

My dramatic trip to the dentist to do the crown prep turned into a dramatic trip to the dentist to get a root canal a week and a half later. I was in a lot of pain so it had to be done. Thankfully, my dentist is really nice and set it up for me to get the root canal with oral sedation at his brother's practice an hour away. On their days off even. So I had two dentists working on my tooth while I slept and Eric waited. Four hours in the office and we were done and on our way home. Thank goodness for medicine, Eric, and good twin doctor's.

Kyler has been working hard on a few projects. Here is a poster for English. He also made an artifact out of clay for history, but I didn't get a picture. Our computer wasn't working for a few days, so Kyler and Kacin handmade their combined birthday party invitations. Creative Kyler made his a pop up.

The kids have been having fun with slow-mo videos and Lego Movie maker. It adds a whole new element to wrestling when you get to replay it in slow-mo.

Layla and Perry got cozy in their "beds" in the kitchen while I made dinner one night.

Perry's face here! haha. I'm not sure what he was doing, but I love this boy.