November 8, 2015

these days

Perry went to the dentist a few weeks ago. He was calm and happy about it. They weren't too intrusive so that helped.

On the other hand, I went to the dentist and it was quite dramatic and traumatic. Six months ago, I cracked my tooth. I was scared and didn't know how big of a deal it was so I waited until my next 6 months cleaning to have the dentist look at it. He said it was the worst kind of crack you could have and I needed a crown. I have never had a cavity or any dental work like that before. I am a gagger. I am dramatic. Let's just say that the crown prep was not pretty. There were tears. Eric came with me, which was a good thing. except when he started laughing at me and my numb mouth. I told them all to pretend like I was 5 and to treat me as such. In the end, because of a super patient, kind, really good dentist and assistant, I survived. But now I have at least two more appointments to get through because my tooth is in a lot of pain still, which I don't think is normal. This is torture.

On a different note . . .

Layla as a clown was slightly less creepy and much cuter than a real clown. She was sad because Perry wouldn't honk her nose.

So I did and her smile came back.

I am so proud of Kacin. He wanted to run to be a 5th grade class representative. It was a pretty low-key election, but he did have to give a speech to his class. He has such courage! This boy is awesome. He started his speech by asking "Who likes cake?" Then he said a good leader is CAKE. Then he explained what each letter of his acronym stood for and how he demonstrated that. It was pretty clever--nice job, Kacin!

I took my second turn as Co-op preschool teacher. We studied the letter F. Layla loved helping to prepare for preschool at our house again. This co-op thing is going really well and I'm glad we are doing it.

We had parent teacher conferences a few weeks ago and we are pleased with the learning and progress of each of our kids. How did we get such smarties? They really are wonderful little people. We are so grateful for good teachers who work with our kids!

I found this gem on my iphone after stake conference. Love this boy!