November 6, 2015

pumpkin carving and Halloween 2015

We ended up with some pretty cute jack o' lanterns this year.

Eric takes the lead on this fall tradition and helps all the kids. I love that.

Layla dressed up as Cookie Monster for her preschool party. She had her heart set on it. Not a ballerina or a fairy or a princess or anything girly. Just Cookie Monster.

I convinced her to be something different that night at the Halloween party. She decided on a pink princess.Yeah, I got to dress my girl up! That night, we also had a cowboy, a sad and creepy clown, and a mummy.

 Eric went in his Microsoft onesie as an Xbox gamer. ;)

Be careful princess, it's a creepy clown . . .

On Halloween night, Cookie Monster returned with a clown. A Monkey joined them. And Kyler ditched the mummy wrapping. When asked what he was, he said, "I'm an All-red." ha ha--clever kid.

We had pizza with friends before a fun evening of trick or treating.

I took the half of our family with short legs around while Eric took the other half with the long legs (and a drive to get as much candy as possible).

It rained for a few minutes, but that didn't slow any one down. We came home with lots and lots of candy. Layla was excited to sort hers this year.

Perry was excited to eat his. He was a cute little trick or treater. He was really into it. He would hurry ahead of me and ring the doorbell multiple times until I stopped him. Before anyone could come to the door, he was shouting "Happy Halloween" and "Trick or Treat". When he as told to, he would choose out his candy (usually m&ms) and say "just one" (because that's what I told him when we started out that night.) Many times people would say, have two or take a handful. He usually just repeated "just one". But without fail, as soon as we turned away from the door, Perry was asking "Mom, can we get more candy?" He repeated his question over and over until I told him yes. And he repeated that question every time we walked away from a house.

The older boys went with some friends to collect their loot. Eric and Ryan stayed close by. Oh, did these boys bring home a stash of candy!

Kyler counted almost 250 pieces.

Kacin was too busy eating to count.

As part of the Halloween festivities, Eric and I went on a date to a corn maze.

Natalie said...

I love that Kyler and Kacin have their candy separated by a pillow case as if 1 less would make a difference!