October 28, 2015

Octoberfest: a rootbeer tasting

Eric and I threw a little party. While usually I am the main event planner around here and E just goes along with it, he was pretty stoked about this particular party. Because it involved soda. It was a rootbeer tasting.

We offered 12 different varieties of rootbeer to taste.

Each person got their own little mug to sample with.

Everyone could vote on a couple of their favorites.

At the end of the night, the top Rootbeer brews were: Frostie (a sweet, vanilla rootbeer. almost cream soda like), IBC, Tower, and Henry Weinhard's.

My personal favorite, even after trying all of these real deal rootbeers, is A&W. You just can't beat it!

This kind received 0 votes. The pecan flavor just didn't do it for any of us.

I wrote a little blurb about each rootbeer.

We also had 5 rootbeers pre-poured into numbered cups. The goal was to identify the five different rootbeers--Mug, Barq's, A&W, diet A&W, and Big K. I made a little matching sheet to fill out.

The guests brought appetizers and desserts and we got sick off of rootbeer. It made for a super fun night.

Eric was still going strong even after the guests left. He was happy to finish off a bottle at the end of the night after everyone went home.

See, even mormons know how to celebrate Oktoberfest.