October 5, 2015

Family Reunion 2015. Oregon.

It was questionable at times if it would happen, but we pulled off an incredible Allen family reunion. 
We gathered at Stef's house in Oregon over Labor day weekend. We are all hopeful that this is now a yearly tradition. We just wish that next time our parents could make it, too! We sure did miss them with us. 

I loved spending time with nieces and nephews. We had one very fun evening with Bryce in which we gave nicknames to all of the aunts. Bryce was laughing to the point of tears! Oh man, so much fun to spend time together.

I guess Bryce was my little buddy that weekend. I held onto him in the back of the plane when Tyson took us on a flight to Crater Lake and back. I love having a brother-in-law who is a pilot!

We rented the plane first thing in the morning. 

Such a pretty peek out of the hanger.

Take off!

Isn't that a beautiful view of Crater lake?

Such gorgeous views!

Tyson had a desire to hear me scream and make me sick so he turned and dropped the plane a few times.

A safe landing, thank goodness!

Kyler, Kacin, and Jenny were up next.

I heard Jenny even got to fly the plane at take-off.

After our flights, we went to the lake for fishing, canoeing, picnicking, and playing.

Layla had been feeling a little shy and wouldn't go near her uncles. We told her if she wanted to go fishing, she had to ask Uncle Tyson and give him a hug. She really wanted to fish and so she did it.

See, he wasn't scary.

And fishing was worth it.

Jacqui and Josh planned some minute to win it games.

This group got smart and started using their hands. ;)

Hands again. Let's just eat the cookie!

The girls played beauty shop with our hair one night.

Riley insisted that I hold this mirror up while she brushed and curled.

Layla had to do the same when it was her turn.

The boys set up tents in the backyard to sleep in. Eric and Perry slept in one and these boys slept like sardines in the other.

We played sand volleyball at the park. Perry was loving all of the sand.

Jenny and Stef planned a white elephant exchange.

The girl cousins had a good time playing "family". Macie was the mom, Layla the sister, and Riley the baby.

I was in charge of FHE one night. Each of us were given a partner and an object. We shared why and how our objects were like the Holy Ghost. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of Tyson and Perry! ;(

And we had a dance party afterwards and played name whose favorite song we were playing.

Layla had big plans for a sleep over with her cousins. This little organizer even made a chart of their activities and what they would need. She was so excited. The girls played memory together. They gave it a good try to sleep side by side. To Layla's dismay her cousins couldn't sleep and chose to sleep with their own parents that night. Layla shed her tears, but e got her to sleep. I told her I would be sleeping in the room with her that night. Later, when I went to bed, Layla woke up and sweetly asked me if I was having fun at her sleepover. Yes, Layla girl, I was. You planned a wonderful sleep over.

There was xbox playing

and a wrestling match.

Eric got beat.

Right before we pulled out on Monday, we had a water balloon fight.

We had such a fun weekend with everyone. I really wish we all lived closer so we could do this more often. And, I can't believe it, but we all completely forgot to take a group picture or even a cousins picture! I guess we really do need to get together again soon.