October 19, 2015

Catching Up

I am determined to catch up on here this week. I am ok with being a week or so behind on recording life, but when I am a month or so behind (like I am now), by the time I sit down,  I can't even remember what has happened. The details have already faded.

Here's an example. I took this picture. I think I sent it to Eric, too. But I can not remember the story behind it! Did she fall asleep like that? Was this a morning that she woke up super early? Did she fall asleep in the car? Is she pretending? I just don't know. My memory is terrible.

I do know this. Because this is a scene I see every morning. Layla the artist sits at the art table multiple times a day drawing pictures. Usually she makes them for her teachers, friends, and Sundi. But, occasionally, I am the lucky recipient of a Layla masterpiece. 

Then one day your son walks into your room and you find that, overnight, your little boy became a man. With a beard. Just like his dad.

On the national day of service, we joined our ward and many, many others in the community to pack food for an organization that feeds people locally and internationally. We had a fun job of measuring and scooping meals into bags. It was so great it was something we all could do, even the little hands in our family played a part.

Kyler and Kacin are in the midst of soccer season.

It is so nice to have these two on a team together. A dynamic duo.

And so nice to be all together at each game.

I tell you, she sees her crayons as toys, not as coloring instruments.

One night we had a dance party. Layla dressed like this for it.

Kacin had fun, too.

It took me a long time to realize why Layla has been putting socks on her hands. She does it all the time. I finally figured out that they are her Elsa gloves. Duh, mom.

Such a princess.

Another list for a party she was planning.

Kyler did some cake baking.

There was a mishap with the frosting making--a little too much milk went into it. He got creative and put some icing under the cake and some on top. He added pop rocks to the frosting for a fun touch.

Mindy and her family came over and dug in.

Another visit to the zoo.

Layla ad Perry take swim lessons from the most patient instructor in the world. He is a gem. He works so well with Perry.

Layla the gymnast.

I ate lunch with Perry at school. It was so fun for me to see him doing what he does at school and telling me about a friend.

Eric sneaked Kyler into the General Priesthood session of conference, even though he is two months shy of turning 12. What rebels!

Almost 12 and so excited and proud to spend an evening with dad.

Kacin had an appointment with his ear specialist. After the appointment, Layla came down with a "hurt ear", too, and begged for her own appointment. I gave her some snuggles and let her watch a show on the couch and the ear healed up quite nicely.

Layla has a new love of bike riding. We are enjoying the sunshine whenever it peeks through to take a ride around the block.

But when it's too wet to go outside, we happily ride around indoors.

The pajamas Layla dressed herself in--footsies, socks, leg warmers, and shorts. Niiiice.

I feel like this was mostly a Layla post. I guess that's what happens when she's the one around me all day long. And she's the only one in the family that asks me to take her picture. So it's always a fun surprise to find a Kacin selfie on my phone.

I think that's about it for the random iphone catch up. I'm feeling better now.