October 15, 2015

a new school year: Layla

Layla started her second year of preschool this year. She and I were both a little sad that I wouldn't be her preschool teacher full-time this year, but I am one hundred percent confident that my decision to start a preschool co-op was the best one for her this year. I'll share more on the co-op later, but it has been so fun for me to be a part of teaching still (Layla loves when it is our week to host preschool), but I get to share the planning and teaching with 5 other moms.

This beautiful girl shines.

Layla has an active, beautiful imagination. She uses her crayons to pretend that they are people and tell stories more than she uses them to color with. Oh, but she is quite the artist, writer, and list maker. She fills multiple papers with her work each morning. It takes her forever to get dressed in the morning because she gets distracted by all of her toys in her room and just wants to play, play, play. She finally learned how to pedal her bike with training wheels (it only took so long because her parents haven't spent as much time outside with bikes like they did with the oldest two). She loves bike rides around the neighborhood now and asks to go out every day.

Layla loves fruit and yogurt. She won't eat ice cream, but she loves cookies, especially when she is the one helping with the baking. She is a good helper in the kitchen.

She has the biggest heart and notices when someone is sad or needs help. She still tells me that we are "best girls for ever and ever". She always talks about how she wants to be a mom when she grows up. She wants a little baby sister, too. She loves playing with all of her brothers. I credit all of Perry's playing skills to this little girl. She has Eric wrapped around her fingers.

She doesn't say all of her words correctly, but it is too cute to always correct. Her favorite color is pink. She puts necklaces and hair clips on in the morning, but takes them off after 10 minutes. She gets into all sorts of trouble around the house with her independent spirit and busy parents. She tells me not to take showers while she is at preschool because she wants me to do it in the afternoon so she can watch shows. She loves playing with all of her friends. Her favorite book is "A Squirrel's Tale". She loves making up songs and will stand on the windowsill, as her stage, and sing her heart out for long periods of time.

Layla goes to co-op preschool three times a week. She takes swim lessons with Perry and a gymnastics class once a week. She looks forward to her time at Sundi's each week while I take Perry to therapy.

Layla is an important part of our family. We all love this 4 year old girl.