October 6, 2015

a new school year: Kyler

I have four kids at four different schools this year. Two days after we got back from our trip to Oregon, the school year began. Trying to keep track of all of these different schedules has been quite exciting, but, you know what, thank goodness for buses, our schedule is actually working out quite well.

Kyler went off to Middle School for 6th grade.

He is changing classrooms and managing 6 different teachers. A year ago, I was terrified to send my little boy off to Middle School, but something switched in me when I brought him to his registration and we got his schedule. I got soo excited for my little guy (who is not actually little anymore). This will be a spectacular adventure for him. And when I look at him, I know he is ready.

He is a wonderful kid full of potential. He is responsible, patient, easygoing, a quick learner, a quiet leader, a good friend, and full of light and love. I just know he will do well. It might be hard sometimes, but I know he will take it in stride and continue to shine.

We are now almost four weeks into the school year. It was a big adjustment leaving for school an hour earlier than he was used to. For awhile there, he came home exhausted each day. But that was his biggest complaint. He is handling all of his homework and assignments perfectly. He got into his locker on the second try. He has had friends to sit with at lunch every day. He likes all of his teachers. He hasn't gotten lost. The first month of middle school has been an ultimate success.

Kyler is in the midst of soccer season right now, as well. He has practices twice a week and a game on Saturday. He goes to 11 year old scouts once a week at church. He is still taking piano lessons each week and just graduated up to a new level.

Ky is not a fan of homework or feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs. All other chores and jobs he does without complaint.

He is so patient with Perry. Perry and Layla love spending time with him.

He is currently reading the Beyonders series and the Lord of the Rings. He loves watching Chopped, Studio C, and cartoons. He has an interest in food and cooking. He has such a talent for drawing and I love his sketches and work.