October 8, 2015

a new school year: Kacin

Kacin is a top dog at the elementary school this year--5th grade!

One great thing about having a brother just one year older than you is knowing exactly what to expect for your next school year. Kacin ended up with the same teacher that Kyler had in 5th grade so that seemed to alleviate most of the first day jitters.

Eric and I received an email at the end of the first week of school. His teacher is wonderful and sends an individual message to the parents about their child to let them know how things are going. Kacin's teacher told us this about him:

I want you to know that I've really enjoyed having Kacin in class so far! He's always eager to share his thoughts and ideas during class discussions and his contribution has been invaluable so far. I can tell that his confidence helps inspire those around him to share their own ideas. He is truly a social butterfly and has many friends in his new classroom. I can tell that he's comfortable and his sense of humor is already shining through. My goal for Kacin right now is to make sure he's focusing on instruction and less on chatting with his neighbors. But I am confident that Kacin is going to succeed this year. He should be proud of his success so far in fifth grade!

Being the good parents that we are, we went back to see what she had said about Kyler to compare the two boys. That's when we had a good laugh. Let's just say these boys are very different! Both of our boys are more than wonderful and the teacher praised and praised, but Kacin's energy, friendliness, and sense of humor definitely shines through.

Kacin is playing soccer again this year, but on a new team. He thinks it's pretty cool that he is playing up a year and has joined Kyler's team. He holds his own with the older boys and is a great part of the team. And being able to play up this year has been an ultimate blessing for our family--only one set of practices each week and one game on the weekend. This has simplified our lives and relieved a lot of stress and busyness from our family schedule.

Kacin is also taking piano lessons and attending Cub Scouts once a week. While he likes going to cub scouts, he is not a big fan of working on his cub scout goals and activities outside of scouts.

He loooves sports. He will get all his work done and sneak off with a tablet to watch BYU sports. He is outside with a ball or his bike every chance he gets. He is a great reader, but doesn't tend to finish a book unless it has something to do with sports. Well, and he also likes the "I Survived" series. He hates putting on his medicine and lotion for eczema and allergies. He makes sure we have family game night each sunday because he loves playing board games (I'm pretty sure he loves our family, too).

Kacin spent the entire summer (and it seems like spring, too) sleeping in the spare bed in Layla's room when she was scared to sleep alone. He is just so kind. He loves playing games running around the house with Layla and Perry. His younger siblings adore him.

Kacin is competitive, a fast learner, smart, strong-willed, social, friendly, and fun. He has a big heart. He brings light and positive energy into our home. He is an amazing ten year old. I'm so glad he is mine!