September 11, 2015

this and that

Before I finally move on to documenting some august adventures, here are a few random iphone pictures.

This girl of mine is constantly asking me to take pictures of her (so unlike my boys!). She insisted she needed her picture taken like this. 

I insisted she needed her picture taken when I picked her up from music class like this (It was detective/spy day.)

Doesn't this look like perfect water to bathe and get clean in? Perry chose one color drop to turn his bath blue. I set the container of drops on the counter. Yeah, he got to them when I didn't see and dumped the brand new container full so he could enjoy this black bath. Sheesh. He had fun all the same. And, since all the drops are gone, we won't be having a colored bath for quite some time . . .

I finally got our blog book for 2014 made! Our kids pour over these books. They are such treasures.

Another fun day at the children's museum . . .

School started this week for half of my kids. The other half begin next week. Maybe then I'll catch up on the rest of our summer adventures.