September 19, 2015

Summer Camps

The three older children each participated in a summer camp in august. It worked out that all of the camps that the children wanted to do fell on the same week. Once we got the logistics figured out of how to get each person where they needed to be when they needed to be there (and picked up again!), I actually loved doing everyone's activities all in the same week. It worked well for us.

Perry participated in Camp Prov. It is a wonderful day camp for kids with special needs. He had a blast swimming, singing, playing, making snacks, and doing projects. 

Kacin decided on a Harry Potter theater camp for his week of day camp. There was a fun little performance at the end.

I didn't get a picture of Kyler! But he chose to go to a basketball camp. He absolutely loved it.

And then both boys had an opportunity to participate in another theater camp for a really great deal. So I gave in to that one and they had fun at their half day Hobbit Camp the next week. There was another awesome performance at the end of the week in which Kacin played Bilbo and Kyler played Gandalf in a condensed version of The Hobbit.