September 23, 2015

Perry is 5!

Our Perry boy turned 5 years old! Can you believe it?

After Layla's Minnie Mouse party, he kept telling me he wanted a Goofy party. I wasn't entirely sure what he had in mind, but we planned a party I hoped he would have fun and do well at, with a Goofy theme, of course. It ended up being a really fun 5th birthday celebration.

We gave him a Goofy stuffy and his Mickey balloon first thing.

We put up our decorations in the backyard. The amazing artist Kyler drew the Goofy. Layla, also, made her own Goofy poster to hang up for Perry.

Perry helped me make the cupcakes.

We invited a few family friends over for a bbq--hot dogs, chips, and yogurt.

After everyone ate, the "Goofy" fun began! We passed out cans of silly string and everyone went at it. Every rule we set was broken, even rule #1: Don't spray me. I'm glad at least Shannon got her revenge.

We got really, really "Goofy" when the shaving cream came out.

Perry worked hard and deliberately with his spray cans.

Our backyard was quite the happy little mess. That includes the now cloudy, shaving creamed pool.

Once everyone hosed down, we sang happy birthday and passed out cupcakes.

Perry was the absolute cutest present opener there could be. He was so sweet and excited about each gift. He would ask "You got this for me, Caleb (etc.)?" to each person. He smiled and said thank you. It went so well.

Everything turned out wonderfully. Just what I wanted for Perry to have a good day.

I am sooo grateful to have our 5 year old in our family. He is such a sweet, silly, full of life little boy. I adore him and can't imagine my life without this boy.