September 28, 2015

Leavenworth 2015

Our annual trip to Leavenworth is hands down the most relaxing trip of our summer. It's just a lot of hanging around with friends and doing what we please and it ends up being a great trip each year.

This yearly trip tradition all started because we wanted to eat at Cafe Rio in Wenatchee. Now, that there is a Cafe Rio not too far from us, it is not the sole purpose of the trip, but it is tradition now to eat there at least once.

The foosball table is a big hit all weekend.

Andy always brings fun toys. I think there was a helicopter to fly this year.

There is so much beauty to behold from the back porch--the river, the birds, the trees. It is so very lovely.

The metal detectors were another fun toy to play with.

We made kid soup in the hot tub.

The kids decorated t-shirts with sharpie markers.

Kyler and Charlie had similar lasagna shirts.

We blew bubbles in the evening.

It was games and the hot tub at night.

Christy and I exercised in the morning.

We spent an afternoon on the streets of Leavenworth eating pretzels and buying toys.

We played mini-golf, which was quite chaotic with our bunch. Chaotic in a fun way, of course.

We played at the park.

The men went hiking together.

The ladies went to see the play "Into the Woods."

I love all of these guys!

Goodbye Leavenworth River Haus!