August 20, 2015

Mission: Possible, YW Camp 2015, Wednesday

The girls poured in on Wednesday morning ready and excited for camp (and maybe those first years were feeling a little nervous, like first years usually do). Everyone checked in and received their camp shirt. I loved having the scripture on the back this year.

Wednesday and Thursday were HOT (by Washington standards) and I battled migraines both days. But I wasn't about to miss out on the good stuff of camp.

Most of the day was spent in level time and skit prep, but the girls also went to Golden Hour. Golden Hour here is when the girl's get to listen to a special speaker. It was a good message about missionary work and doing the Lord's work and tied in well to our Spy theme.

Each of the levels chose a Spy Agency to be for the week. They each picked an acronym and what it stood for.

The agencies were:
1st years: VIP (Valiant In Progress)
2nd years: FBI (Faithful Bureau of Integrity)
3rd years: SASS (Secret Agent Service Sisters)
4th years: BRAVE (Beautiful Righteous Astounding Virtuous Ever-faithful)
Stake: MTC (Make Today Count)

They created level flags. I didn't get a picture of all of them, but they looked really nice.

There were some pretty cool decorations, too. I wish I had taken pictures. I only got the VIP entrance on the last day. They had a purple carpet to walk down, too.

Wednesday night was skit night! It turned out really well. I wish had videos of each of the level skits because they were really great. Each group got 2 songs and were told to use the songs however they wanted within their skit. Their skit was to introduce their level's Spy Agency.

Some of the levels had awesome lip synchs and dances, some were really funny, and some were quite creative, and maybe a little weird, too. We loved the cooks and other camp leaders skit using the song Mah Na Mah Na. ;) Like I said, I wish I had videos of them all. It was a fun first night.

Here is our stake skit! haha