August 25, 2015

Mission: Possible, YW Camp 2015, Friday and Saturday


Our Thursday Night Hike ended much, much later than it was supposed to (due to the fact that we walked a lot farther than we originally intended). And then it was accidentally announced that I would be teaching yoga bright and early again. While this was not in my original plan, because I was really looking forward to an extra half hour of sleep (let me just interject again how important sleep is to me), I did it again and it was fun and I survived the day just fine.

When Friday came, I kept thinking about how we planned for 9 months and spent so much time and had so many meetings and here we were and camp was almost at an end. Is all that time and prep worth it? Yes, for sure. But three days goes by quickly.

I joined the third years for ropes course this year. Our group got every single person over the towering wall. I doubted if it would be possible. But when you are determined and strategic and work together and you have some super star girls on your team, you can do it.

I am a planner. I'm not very comfortable with being put on the spot or doing things last minute. Well, miscommunication led to us finding out that 15 min. before an activity, Suzanne and I would be leading it. We quickly dressed in our spy gear and asked the girl's to go on "missions". For each mission they had to arrange themselves in a different way and get to know each other by talking about a question. For example, they had to find someone who had the same number of siblings as them and then talk about a talent or hobby they enjoy doing. It ended up being a fun way to mingle and get to know each other as a stake. I was satisfied with how it went, especially for winging it a bit.

Friday night was Bishop's night, ward time, and then Stake testimony meeting. I loved hearing the sweet testimonies that were strengthened during the week.

I couldn't believe the last day had come! Everyone packed up and cleaned up and started pulling away. My heart was sad because it was , yet, extremely satisfied with how it all came together. It was such a wonderful week.

In so many ways, I felt quite inadequate for my calling. It came at a really busy and intense time in my life. But all the Lord asks is that we are willing to serve and He guides us along the way. He truly does. He also teaches us through these experiences.

I learned to pray, and pray hard, and then get up and go for it. I learned that it's ok if things don't turn out perfectly, if they could have been better, if you stumble over your words when you are speaking, or if you forget something. Things don't have to be perfect to be good. When you try your hardest, the Lord and the Spirit make up the difference. I learned to be flexible and to wing it sometimes. I learned to love a lot of great people in our stake. I learned the importance of unity. I learned that we each have different strengths and weaknesses and when we come together, and build off of that, it turns out beautifully. I learned to speak in front of a crowd without visibly shaking. I learned to dance in front of a crowd without caring. I learned that the Lord loves each of us, we matter, what we are doing matters, and He wants us to love and help each other. I learned that the Lord gives us inspiration and guidance when we rely on Him, and not on ourselves.

Mission: Girls Camp 2015 . . .  Possible!