August 6, 2015

Layla is 4

This little girl gets quite excited about birthdays, especially her own.

She asked for a Minnie Mouse party with her friends.

Kyler drew this Minnie Poster for pin the bow on Minnie. He is such an awesome little artist and an amazing big brother.

The boys helped set up the house for the party. They set out the barbies and minnie dolls in one room, minnie mouse art at the table, and hid minnie mouse heads in the backyard for a game.

When the girls arrived, they went to the table to make a minnie mouse picture. As they finished, they played with the toys we set out and played pin the bow on minnie.

The boys gave it a try, too.

We went outside to collect paper Minnie's that were hidden all over. Once each girl found four of them, in honor of Layla's new age, we went back inside for cake and presents.

She brings a whole bunch of joy into our lives.

Happy Birthday, Layla girl!!