July 31, 2015

These Days

Eric woke me up with a kiss at 6:30am when he was heading out the door for work. Oh and by the way, he had just killed a chicken. He discovered one of them was a rooster when it started crowing that morning. So he promptly chopped off its head. He is quite the man. He gets a lot done while I slumber.

It is a miracle. My closet has stayed cleaned and organized for two whole weeks now. 3 weeks ago it was a disaster. And had been for some time. A tornado named Layla played in there. Clothes were overflowing and on the floor. I hated going in there. But I had other things higher in my priority list (like family, preschool, and girls camp). I told myself to hang tight and I would have time after girls camp and our vacations. The day we came back from Kalaloch I pulled everything out of my closet. I rearranged and filled 4 or 5 bags with stuff for goodwill. E wasn't thrilled I was doing this right then, but I feel a hundred times better knowing that my closet is clean--even though the rest of the house may not be . . . yet. I have big plans once school begins again. I just need to hold tight and enjoy these summer days with my kids.

Perry knows how to take advantage of every last drop of strawberry smoothie.

Layla asked me to take a picture of her. I did. She looked at it and said, "I looooove pictures of me."

The night she tried to sleep in the trailer with everyone, I had to warn her that if she kept messing around I was going to take her inside the house. Her response was two questions.
"For the rest of my life? And then I can't marry a boy?"
It was a both a snarky and hilarious comment for a 3 year old.