July 24, 2015

olympic game farm

My parents stayed another week with us after my dad's conference. I was so glad to have them there. (Even though I know I was a stressed out lady a lot because girls camp was the very next week and there was a lot going on so I kinda feel bad about that). I know my kids were extremely happy to have them both around. It meant a lot of one-on-one time and a few fun family outings. 

We spent one saturday over on the olympic peninsula.

We went to the olympic game farm. It didn't seem like one should be able to do what we did there, but it was quite the exciting experience.

You sign a release and then drive on and approach this tower. That's when it felt a little Jurassic Park-like to me.

From the top, you had great views of the bears! in one direction and in the other direction was (our car and) a whole bunch of deer and couple of peacocks wandering around.

We thought that was pretty cool, but then we drove on and got to the good stuff.

Hello there, big guy!

Yep, that's a zebra just a few feet away from us.

We bought three loaves of the bread. If you go here, you must buy the bread. We made friends with the llamas this way.

I purposefully chose the very back seat with no windows for this very reason.

Then we got to the bears. We couldn't feed the bears, but there was only our car and a little short electric fence between us. And there were quite a few bears.

We passed by cages with tigers and mountain lions and other animals and then the real feeding frenzy began. It was a big elk that started it all.

Most of them got real close and personal. They wanted that bread.

Kacin jumped out of his seat a few times when the big ones kept coming back for more and more.

It was a lot of excitement in the car feeding all those animals.

When we were done, we did the walking part of the game farm. We saw lots of bunnies, fish, reptiles, a donkey, a petting zoo, etc.

Perry was much more interested in playing on the train then at looking at any more animals.

If you are ever near Sequim, this is a good one to visit.