July 28, 2015

more fun with grammie and papa

After our trip to the olympic game farm, our car was covered in bison and llama slobber. In the heat of the day, we all jumped in to wash the car and then play in the sprinklers.

One night, after dinner, we pulled out chocolate pudding for some fingerpainting fun.

It's funny, I did this as a sensory activity with Perry in mind. He wouldn't touch it with his fingers though. He actually used his spoon and focused on eating it.

I like the chocolate here on Kyler's lip.

My parents also spent time with all of the kids. My kids love the attention and time with grammie and papa. My parents even let Eric and I spend a long day together. We did some shopping, eating, and then spent the rest of the day at Green Lake. We walked around the entire lake and then rented a kayak to take out on the water. It was such a good day for us! We really, really appreciate my parents babysitting for us.