July 27, 2015

man night in the camping trailer

Many months ago, I got the idea in my head that we should buy a motor home for our little family to make vacations and travel easier, particularly for our Perry man. We did a lot of research. And we went back and forth about it. As soon as Eric was on board with the idea, I became super hesitant. When I decided we should go ahead and do it, Eric had changed his mind. We went back and forth like this for awhile. Then we tossed out the idea of motor home because the initial cost and upkeep of the "motor" would be more than we wanted to spend at this time.

We dropped the idea for awhile. And then Eric suggested a travel trailer. He gave me his reasons, which were all good ones. I agreed we should just do it and see how it went.

Then there was more research and looking at trailers. We found one we really liked. Then realized we couldn't tow it with our truck. Once we found the right chart that showed what we really could tow, we discovered our options for trailers was quite limited. We need light weight, but that could sleep all 6 of us without the kids sharing beds.

We scoured craigslist, but with only a few weeks before our big camping trip we were pretty anxious to find one. And sure enough, we did. We bought it from a nice big family with 6 kids. It is not fancy. Once we brought it home, we discovered a weird smell. But after taking it out a few times, we are happy to say it serves it's purpose well.

While my parents were here, it served as a man night party house. My dad took all 4 of the kids out to sleep in it one night. Layla didn't last long in there because she sat on her bed making noises and doing this and keeping Perry up: 

He didn't seem to mind too much.

But she eventually had to be brought back into the house. Perry followed, by his own choice, soon after.

The "men" stayed up late playing Hearts and eating chips and salsa. Eric wouldn't join them, but they slept out there for the night, too.

My older boys love Papa's "man" nights.