June 26, 2015

the last day of school and the first day of summer

Fourth and Fifth grade are officially over. These boys each had a pretty terrific year. They made new friends, the learned, they grew. I can't believe that Kyler will be at middle school next year!

To celebrate the first day of summer, they each invited a few friends over for breakfast and games. We served pancakes, bacon, donuts and fruit and they gobbled it all up.

With all those boys in our kitchen, the noise level was pretty high. It cracked me up when Perry kept walking over to the boys and politely told them it was "too loud" and "shhhhh". He was very nice about it, but our house didn't quiet down until they all went outside for capture the flag.

They played a few rounds of the categories/thimble game.

Then it was outside for a water version of capture the flag.

And we pulled out the slip n slide. Layla preferred her method of going down to sitting and sliding.

We are so glad summer is finally here!