June 30, 2015

Sib Time

There is an age gap of almost 6 years between Kacin and Perry. Kyler and Kacin are really close in age and seem to have a special bond as biological brothers. Likewise, Layla and Perry are super close in age and have a tight bond with each other. We have this blended family through adoption that we are trying to make strong. And that takes a little work, time, and some deliberateness.

This summer I really wanted to make sure that we were fostering the relationships between siblings, especially between the olders and the littles. So as part of our summer homeschool routine, the children have Sib Time.

Kacin showing Layla the ABC book he made for her. :)

Each week, an older child is assigned to a younger child. The older child makes a plan for Sib Time (which is flexible and can be changed, if needed). Basically, a different activity to do together is planned each day. This could be coloring together, playing Memory, putting on a puppet show, reading stories, a wagon ride, building with legos or blocks etc. They should spend at least 15 min. together.

Not only is this helping the younger children have a stronger relationship with their older brothers, it is, also, teaching the older boys about caring for, teaching, entertaining, and working with young children. We are training future fathers and missionaries and awesome babysitters here!

Layla LOVES Sib Time. She gets so excited for it each day and asks multiple times to have Sib Time with her brothers.

My mother heart swells seeing these guys playing, working, and spending time together.

I loved when Layla cuddled right up to her brothers and they included her in their game with friends.