June 19, 2015

San Francisco Weekend

Preschool ended, I went to a girls camp meeting and to the boys' piano recital (yes, everything seems to happen all on the same day). Then I packed up my bag and headed out the next day for a weekend of fun with two of my sisters and my mom. After a packed week like that, I was grateful for a little time to relax and hang out with three awesome ladies in my life.

Jenny moved to the Bay area not too long ago so we headed her way to explore San Francisco.

And by explore, I mean record an awkward music video. Until I can figure out how to upload it here, I'll taunt you with a few photos of my dance moves around the city.

My plane arrived much earlier than mom and Jacqui's. Jen and I walked through downtown san fran then rented bikes and rode all around Golden Gate state park.

The next day we rented a convertible and rode around the city in style. ;)

We did the touristy things--Lombard street, golden gate bridge, China Town, and the Full House houses (complete with picnic, just like the opening song. we are cool.).

We went to Golden Gate State park again and rode the pedal boats.

 After church the next day, we walked around beautiful Stanford campus then went to the beach.

I only wish we had more time together (and that Stef had made it, too). Every time we get together I find my self thinking about how alike and yet how different each one of us are. It's a good time to all be together. I love these ladies!