June 12, 2015

end of the school year music

We are so close to our summer break. School ends the middle of next week and we are so ready. Because, oh man, the end of the school year has been full. We are looking forward to the days of sleeping in a little. 

Kyler and Kacin have this amazing music teacher at their elementary school. She is the one reason I am happy they go to their particular school. She is enthusiastic and really good at teaching music.

Twice a year there is a music concert. Each grade level performs three songs with singing, percussion, and some dancing here and there.

Kacin wasn't too happy he missed a baseball game for the spring concert. But the concert was great and we were glad he was there.

We were a bit late so we sat way up high and had this view of the stage.

I love these boys.

The amazing music teacher is also Kyler's band teacher. Kyler has learned to play the trumpet this year. He went to school early two mornings a week for band practice. I went to Kyler's band concert at the school and I was so impressed with how good these guys are after 6 months of practice together. Kyler even had a little duet on jingle bells.

How sad. This is the only picture I have with Mrs. Ch in it. She is wonderful!

Is this as goofy as he gets?

We got a little more out of him.

The boys also had a piano recital. I love watching and hearing them perform. Slowly, but surely they are coming along as pianists. 

They each received an award.