June 17, 2015


Kacin hasn't played baseball since he had a season or two of T-ball. You wouldn't know that fact by watching him. He has a LOVE for this game and showed off his athletic ability by working hard at practices and games.

Before the season started, he was adamant that he just wanted to be a catcher. By the end of the season, he still loved catcher position, but he could also hold his own as pitcher, outfield, on a base, short stop or wherever he was needed.

This was classic Kacin every time he ran home.

They got to play the last couple of games on the nice turf field.

He played with a really great group of boys and the most fabulous coaches you could ask for.

At the end of the season celebration, Kacin received "the coaches award". Which basically means Kacin is quite spectacular. The coach said a whole slew of good things about how Kacin could've been the most inspirational, mr. hustle, most improved, etc. and how Kacin was great about listening to the coaches and helping others. His head coach was quite surprised to hear this was really Kacin's first season playing. The coach talked about how much Kacin loves baseball and how he knew when every game and practice was and that he probably sleeps in his uniform with his bat and glove under his pillow because he has such a love for the game (the coach said which was just like himself at that age)! I'm sure Kacin would if we let him. We are sooo proud of our Kacin.