May 28, 2015

these days

We have definitely hit park weather here in the Northwest.

It's baseball weather, too. Kacin loves playing.

After Hazel's baby blessing, we spent time with the Nielsen's. Layla told me she was babysitting.

Perry took a turn pushing, too.

Kacin just tried to take a turn in the swing.

Kyler brought his 5th grade science far project to the school science fair.

We love to play dr. around here.

There was a huge hail storm a few weeks ago. It was such a rare treat to even hear thunder and lightening. I miss big storms like in Arizona so I enjoyed this one.

I went on a date with my little man to get lemonade "juice" from MOD Pizza.

A couple of cute chefs . . .

Perry's teachers have been working really hard to help shift his behavior at school to be more positive. He did well at school last year and most of this year and E and I were starting to think it was just us he had all of these behavior challenges with. I'll admit, I felt slightly validated when his teachers started seeing the same things at school that we've been describing all along. But of course that brought with it a whole slew of challenges and creativity on our part and with his teachers to help him be successful at school and on the bus. He was quite proud of the sticker he brought home one day when it went well.

"Take a picture of me, mom!"

A morning at the zoo . . .

I've spent many an hour sorting and inputting girls camp registration forms. Our table has been covered with paperwork. YW camp is quickly approaching!

One of Layla's latest acts of mischief. She found the marker in the trash and did some decorating.

Hugs at the museum!

We got a bike trailer to pull Perry and now, with Layla in the seat on the back of my bike, we have been on many happy family bike rides. Why didn't we do this sooner?

Summer is just a few weeks away!! :)