May 17, 2015

hammock party

Today after church the sun was shining.

The boys ate huge plates of nachos for lunch because Sunday has been dubbed nacho day.


Kyler invited everyone to a hammock party in the backyard. He got the hammocks all set up and told us it was time. Everyone, except for the little man glued to mickey mouse clubhouse episodes (in portuguese or french, mind you) on youtube, walked up to the hammocks. Kyler even had music playing for us.

It was quite the hammock party! Probably the best one I've ever been to.

Eric was so smart to put up these posts to create a triangle of hammocks. It's a favorite place around here.

My eyes may be closed, but Kyler sure looks happy.

I wish we had a cake so we could've called it a birthday party for my sweet sister Stefanie. Either way we were sending her happy birthday wishes. We love you, Stef!!