May 31, 2015

families are forever celebration

the A is for Allred.
Allred's All together for Always

We decided last year that we will celebrate our sealing in the temple as a forever family over Memorial day weekend each year. It's more simple this way, rather than trying to remember each adoption and sealing date.

We took the kids to walk around the temple grounds on sunday evening. We ate a picnic dinner in the parking lot while we talked about the temple. We ate texas sheet cake, too.

I'm glad we've made this opportunity to talk with our kids each year about the temple and what we do there. The temple is a holy, sacred place. It is important to me. And the fact that we have been sealed as a forever family and I get to be their eternal mother is important to me, too.

Even though many moments of motherhood go like this:

 No, we were not dancing. He is trying to run away from a hug and the camera and I am trying to wrestle him back.

Deep down he loves this, I'm sure.

Perry found a new mom while we were at the temple.

With the biggest grin, he called her mommy over and over and wouldn't stop hugging her. Haha! 

We played with another family, too.

Before we left the temple, we pulled out our journals. The boys found quiet places to sit and write while E and I helped Layla and Perry write in theirs.