April 10, 2015

These Days

L is back to wrapping presents for everyone practically every day. I snapped a picture when she gave her daddy one of his--tape, bows, and a picture.

We spent another fun morning at the zoo. Perry boy wanted to spend the whole day close to his brothers.

Layla and Perry's faces here-ha!

I took this picture at the zoomasium right before some girl ran and jumped on Layla. The girl thought it was just a big pile of stuffed animals--she didn't see Layla hidden in there. It was a big surprise for both of them. Luckily, no one was hurt.

His hat!! (Not to mention those pants with that shirt). Oh man, he cracks me up. 

Layla was hard at work fixing Perry's bike.

The boys accidentally lost a ball over the fence into the "jungle" by our cul-de-sac. Perry wanted to join in on the fun and starting throwing balls over the fence, too. When it was their good football that went over, they were forced to venture in there to try and retrieve it. They were not happy. But I saw it as a great adventure for them, albeit a scratchy, poky adventure. The blackberry bushes run rampant down there.

These boys didn't heed my warning and went down in their shorts. They didn't make it very far.

Kacin was wise and put on his snowpants, gloves, hat, and winter coat for protection.

He triumphed in the end and recovered the lost football. Our hero!

Layla had fun at her friends birthday party.

We got new baby chicks! We brought four home. The next day one of them died. :( That leaves three cute chicks growing up in a box in our garage.

The older boys had sleepover in the living room one night during spring break. Kyler had a little "tent" to sleep in.

Layla writes and draws all sorts of pictures each day. She has even taken to leaving us all notes on our beds.

I recently checked out two books from the library. As soon as I start reading a book, I seem to check out of life. I stay up too late reading. I neglect the organizing projects I told myself I would do. I try to read while I fold clothes and blow dry my hair. Everyone is left a little bit more to their own devices. I know E is always glad when I finish a book and come back to life. This is why I can't go to the library too often.

Look at our progress (and our messy counter tops)! It went from this:

To this:

The white cabinets certainly brighten and open up our kitchen. We still have some paint touch ups to do. Our new quartz counter tops are ordered. We are trying to figure out our backsplash (do we do it ourselves or hire someone??). Then, hopefully, we will make some decisions about our flooring.

We had some Dr. Seuss fun at preschool.

We've been on some lovely bike rides and walks while Pat watches Perry (p dawg doesn't always do so well on walks. they usually result in a meltdown or him running up to someone's front porch and trying to open someone's front door faster than I can catch him.).

  We have just over two more months until summer break!