April 18, 2015

Spring Break at the Ranch

Just like last year, we spent half of our spring break with 6 other families at Ensign Ranch. We all have so much fun doing this.

A few of the families who went last year moved out of state, so we recruited a few more to join in on the fun.

And fun we had!

There was football games, pin pong, foosball, pool, and bike riding around the lodge.

We gathered the first night for a raffle and the second night for a dance party (which I didn't get any pictures of! sad. )

Layla was anxiously awaiting her name to be drawn.

Still intently waiting.

While Perry ran around the room.

Finally, her prize!

The big trading chaos began . . .

The adults gathered for games each night--Quelf, name that tune, catch phrase, etc-- all things that resulted in many people laughing until the point of tears. Ha!

We went on a walk around the ranch. This is such a beautiful place!

We played at the ropes course.

A dad induced fall . .

We rode the horses.

This is as close as Perry got to those horses. Better than last year!

She just looks so little up there on that big horse.

Perry was pretty happy playing at the car.

We went on a wagon ride.

There was yummy food (each family cooks one meal).

We did a little canoeing.

It was L's first time on the water!

The boys had a blast on this tandem bike.

It was a really wonderful three days!