April 27, 2015

field trips

I was lucky enough to get to go on two field trips last week.

My preschool class visited the zoo. Layla had a fun day looking at animals with her friends.

Every time I take my class on a field trip I make a Bingo card for them to wear around their neck. I give the parent chaperones stickers to put on the cards when the kids find something on their bingo square. Once we find everything, we stop and pass out a special snack--in this case, it was animal crackers.

I spent Friday with Kyler and his 5th grade class at UW for the Engineering Discovery days. It was a fun day of science for me and my group of 3.

Kyler made sure he had on his ASU shirt as he walked around the UW campus.

These yeast balloons were fun and simple to make. It's just yeast, sugar, and warm water in a water bottle. We put a water balloon on the top and throughout the day we watched the balloon blow up.

I loved spending a whole day with this wonderful boy and seeing him with his school friends.