March 18, 2015

Seussical, Jr.

The Hunter, the Who, the Jungle Creature . . .

Kacin was looking good up on that stage.
(I'm sad I never got a picture of him in his big Who coat and bow tie.)

Nearly every time I tried to run Kacin's lines with him at home he rolled his eyes, complained, whispered them, or recited them in a bored voice. But then at the performance I was thrilled to hear him loud and clear, with expression and hand gestures. I guess he just wanted to surprise me. It was so great watching him up there. Seriously, it is the best watching your child shine.

I came with him to the dress rehearsal. They had a professional there taking pictures for the program.

He only performed in the Friday show. We got a babysitter for Perry. I was at the YCL retreat, but I left in the middle of it and met E, Kyler, Layla, and my mom at the auditorium. I have so much fun watching Kacin perform! And I know he had a lot of fun being a part of this production. There are a lot of talented kids at his school. He made some great friends.

This was his bio in the program.

Great job, Kacin!