March 14, 2015

Science Fair

We spent the majority of a saturday, just before the project was due, working on Kyler's science fair project.

All 5th graders at our school must complete a project. I can't say that we were jumping for joy about this opportunity. Science is cool, but typing it all up and placing it on a piece of cardboard is not really. But it all worked out nicely and was a good experience for us.

Kyler did an awesome work of it. We helped supervise the burning and I was his assistant when it came time to printing and gluing everything together, but otherwise it was entirely his own good work. He should be quite proud.

His project was to figure out which material burns the least so you would know what would be the best to wear around a campfire.

Here are some of the pictures from the experiment itself.

He concluded that denim would be the best to wear around a campfire.

He displayed his work at the 5th grade science fair. I was at Kacin's dress rehearsal that night so I sadly couldn't be there to see him proudly standing next to his work, but Eric and my mom went to support him and his work.

I heard he took 75 selfies that night. They only sent me one. :)