March 23, 2015

Grammie Time

We selfishly brought my mom here as her birthday present. It was a present to us to have Grammie here to share a week of our lives and be here for the science fair, the school play, and to have some special one on one time. 

We spent a morning in downtown Snohomish, which of course means eating at the Snohomish Pie Co.

We waited in the bright sun while my mom finished looking around an antique shop. My washington girl doesn't know what to do in the sun.

We drove to Edmonds beach all together.

 We played at the Children's museum.

Layla and Perry were thrilled about the new pajamas Grammie gave them--Mickey and Princess.

My mom was a part of Kacin's surprise for his 10 year old trip (more on that later).

She also made sure she took each child on a date. This is such a highlight for them--they love this time. I even got to go eat and shop with her, too.

On her last day here, we stopped at Kerry Park in Seattle to take in the view and to play before heading to the airport. I was happy to see my kids take care of each other as they played.

I was disappointed that Kyler pushed my mom on the spinning toy and I missed it! :) I heard it was quite fun and dizzying.

Thanks for a fun week, Grammie!