March 27, 2015


Bedtime has become one of my favorite times of the day. I used to rush this time because I was so exhausted at the end of the day and I just wanted everyone in bed so I could go collapse on the couch. With Perry, I have learned to savor the bedtime ritual.

After song, prayer, and (when we remember!) scriptures, everyone climbs into their own bed. Eric and I go around to each of our kids reading books, saying goodnight, giving hugs and kisses, reminding about prayers, removing glasses, or tucking them into their blankets.

What Perry has given me is this one time of day that I can look in his eyes and I know he will look back. He is calmer. He stays on the bed, he listens to a story and asks for me to stay. He will listen to what I say and he will talk to me better than he does during the distractions of the day.

Typically, I read a book to him first while E reads with Layla. Then we switch. After I say my last good night to L, Perry has called for me again. I snuggle with him in bed. He wraps his arms tight around my neck and tells me not to leave ("you stay?"). We sing songs. He tells me about monkeys under his bed or asks about scary shadows in his room. I try to tell him what to expect the next day--if he will get on the bus to see his friends and teachers or if it's Pat's day to come watch him in the evening or if he has ABA or not.

He says his prayers. Tonight it included something about breaking sticks in the backyard and throwing balls, both parts of our happy day spent outside.

The last few days I have been telling him short made up stories. Last night it was about a boy who got mad and tonight it was about a boy who climbed a mountain and reached for the clouds because he wanted to eat them. After my tale tonight, I told him it was his turn to tell me a story. And he did.

Perry's first made up story went like this (from what I understood): "Once upon a time, there was a boy. The boy climbed up the cookie. He eat the cookie. yum, yum, umm, umm." It was at this point he grabbed my face and pretended to eat my nose and cheeks and continued to pretend to eat my hand, and then he took a real bite.

I felt like this was a brilliant way to help me connect and understand the perspective of the cookie in the story. His stories sure do grab the audience's attention. :)

And then after the bedtime ritual comes the part of the day that makes me think I could have ten children--peacefully sleeping little ones (or in Kyler's case, peacefully reading).

 Don't worry, I come to my senses as soon as I walk downstairs and see the remnants of our day. :)

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