February 16, 2015

valentine's cards

I was at the grocery store and I was really tempted to grab a few boxes of valentine's this year. I stopped myself. It has always been tradition to make our valentine's--completely homemade, kid-made, and simple.

Kyler and Kacin don't even ask anymore to buy valentine's. They just pull out the red paper and go to town. We don't look on pinterest or print anything out. It's straight from their brains and own little hands. They are as pleased as can be about them.

Kyler got really creative with his Valentine's box. He had to make it entirely at school on his own and had to meet three criteria: an animal, two different colors, and have a disney/pixar quote. He came home with this awesome Mickey Mouse box (which he sweetly gave to Perry as soon as his valentine's were out) . In the class contest, he won most creative box.

Layla and Perry worked hard on their Valentine's as well.

Layla passed out her Valentine's at the preschool celebration.

The excitement of Valentine's!

I'm glad I passed up those boxes of cards at the store. For my kids, simple, handmade valentine's are the way to go.