February 24, 2015

something about Layla

We can't help but love Layla around here.

It has something to do with that smile when she wants me to take her picture.

It's her love for her daddy and going on dates.

It's her sense of style.

It's her laugh when I push her on the swing "as high as the moon".

It's her happiness when she's playing with friends.

It's her crazy hair, the way she blows kisses to Perry when he heads off to school on the bus, how she calls Perry "our precious Perry boy", when she asks Kacin to sleep in her room every night, how she hugs me when she thinks I might be sad or hurt and tells me "shhh, it's ok. you miss daddy? you'll feel better soon.", and the fact that every time she dances she twirls so hard she falls down.

We all love our Layla Stinkerbelle!