February 25, 2015

a haircut

Eric has been cutting all the boys hair for the last five years. He does a nice job.

It was going so well in fact that he decided to start cutting his own hair. The last 4 or 5 times, he has given himself a haircut.

That was going well, too. Last week, when he cut his hair I even complimented him on the job and he did and praised him for all the money he was saving.

I helped him with the back of his hair/neck area and walked away.

When I walked back, he was having a moment of panic. He had tried to fix a spot on the back of his head and used the wrong length by accident and made a line across his head.

I tried to help him fix it. But it wasn't blending well. E made the decision, against my advice to him, to just go shorter all the way around and try to blend it at the top. He did it. And, well, this wasn't much better.

I encouraged him to leave it and let it grow back (that's the good thing about boys hair--it grows pretty quickly).

I walked away again.

When I came back, I burst out laughing. I am mean. I know it. But I couldn't help myself. For the second time, he tried to fix a spot in the back, but this time the guard fell all the way off in the middle of his work and it left a nice little rectangle on the back of his head!

I told him this time he had to leave it or he would end up completely bald. And I couldn't stop laughing. I am really mean, I tell you.

Eric has had a good attitude about it. Only one person has commented out loud to him about it, too.

Thank goodness for hats, for makeup to try and give the appearance of hair, and for hair that grows back. :)