February 4, 2015

2015--The Family is Ordained of God

Here it is February. Here I am just now stealing a chance to document our family goals for 2015.

We did sit down together on the first Monday night back from AZ and had the big reveal for our family theme. I wrote down each word on a separate note card and hid them around the kitchen. Each of our kids found at least one card and then "worked together" (I place this in quotations because I'm not sure if hiding cards behind your back, snapping at each other, and rolling your eyes counts as working together) to unscramble the cards and discover what our family theme for the year would be.

The Family is Ordained of God

Eric and I wanted our family to focus this year on reading and learning from The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Maybe we can even do a little bit of memorizing, too. Eric dangled the carrot in the form of a large sum of money to any of us who memorize the entire thing.

We looked back at our goals from last year. We were awesome with our goals. We met 6 of our family goals and some of our individual goals. The ones we didn't quite reach all the way we at least took steps toward, and I am satisfied with that. 

When we set these goals, we can't always predict what our year will hold and the unplanned ways we will learn and grow. But we aim anyways, and then see where we will go.

Allred Family Goals 2015

1. eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day
2. meet with dad (or mom) monthly for a personal interview
3. study scriptures together daily
4. memorize parts of the family proclamation
5. invite 4 new families over for dinner

write her name
identify the letters of the alphabet

learn the letters of his name
be calm during a prayer

go hiking or rock climbing 12 times

receive his faith in god award  

read 4 biographies

read 12 books

Go 2015!