February 26, 2015

sick day

A cold has been going around our family. It was Perry's turn yesterday, but he got a fever, too. I keep catching myself thinking how much I enjoy it when we get a couple sick days like this. Don't get me wrong--I'm not happy that he is sick. But I am happy that because he is sick all of our obligations were canceled and we can lay around in our pajamas all day. read books, watch movies, and play Legos.

Layla's been making up songs, too. I have about 6 of them recorded on my phone now. They make no sense whatsoever, which maybe makes them even more entertaining.

L's song from Laura on Vimeo.

February 25, 2015

a haircut

Eric has been cutting all the boys hair for the last five years. He does a nice job.

It was going so well in fact that he decided to start cutting his own hair. The last 4 or 5 times, he has given himself a haircut.

That was going well, too. Last week, when he cut his hair I even complimented him on the job and he did and praised him for all the money he was saving.

I helped him with the back of his hair/neck area and walked away.

When I walked back, he was having a moment of panic. He had tried to fix a spot on the back of his head and used the wrong length by accident and made a line across his head.

I tried to help him fix it. But it wasn't blending well. E made the decision, against my advice to him, to just go shorter all the way around and try to blend it at the top. He did it. And, well, this wasn't much better.

I encouraged him to leave it and let it grow back (that's the good thing about boys hair--it grows pretty quickly).

I walked away again.

When I came back, I burst out laughing. I am mean. I know it. But I couldn't help myself. For the second time, he tried to fix a spot in the back, but this time the guard fell all the way off in the middle of his work and it left a nice little rectangle on the back of his head!

I told him this time he had to leave it or he would end up completely bald. And I couldn't stop laughing. I am really mean, I tell you.

Eric has had a good attitude about it. Only one person has commented out loud to him about it, too.

Thank goodness for hats, for makeup to try and give the appearance of hair, and for hair that grows back. :)

February 24, 2015

something about Layla

We can't help but love Layla around here.

It has something to do with that smile when she wants me to take her picture.

It's her love for her daddy and going on dates.

It's her sense of style.

It's her laugh when I push her on the swing "as high as the moon".

It's her happiness when she's playing with friends.

It's her crazy hair, the way she blows kisses to Perry when he heads off to school on the bus, how she calls Perry "our precious Perry boy", when she asks Kacin to sleep in her room every night, how she hugs me when she thinks I might be sad or hurt and tells me "shhh, it's ok. you miss daddy? you'll feel better soon.", and the fact that every time she dances she twirls so hard she falls down.

We all love our Layla Stinkerbelle!

February 22, 2015


A whole day to celebrate love--Valentine's day is the best.

It was even better this year since sweet, sweet and loving E surprised me with something each day to create Valentine's week! He came home from work with balloons, candy, flowers, or other small gifts. He took me out to dinner one of the weeknights. By the time Saturday came around, I was feeling pretty loved. ♥

We love celebrating as a family on Valentine's day. We filled the day to the brim. We started with heart shaped pancakes. Kyler and I passed out Valentine's to everyone in our family. I gave them the traditional candy bar cookies and love notes and Kyler set up little clues to have us find our valentine's from him (what a big sweetheart!!). Kacin went around and gave everyone extra hugs and kisses.

We talked to our kids about how Valentine's day is a day to celebrate love and how you can always have a good time no matter what you are doing as long as you are with people you love and have a good attitude. We had to give them that spiel before we told them what we were doing for the day. Ha!

We planned a fun day. But I also know my kids well and I knew that there would be some grumblings about a few of the things. Which is ridiculous. Who grumbles about the zoo? At least one of ours does.

We might have been winging this a little, but we told the kids we had four things planned. They would find out the activities as we went along. And it would spell out LOVE.

So "L" was for Lots and lots of animals! We went to the zoo to see Lions and Ligers and lots of other lovely animals.

Next we went to Kyler's swim meet. His first swim meet ever! After only 6 weeks on the team he participated and raced in 3 events. It was quite the learning experience for him. We are sooo proud of him and how he stuck it out to the end, never gave up, and tried his best. He is an amazing, courageous boy.

"O" was for Oooooooh, that tastes yummy! (I told you we were winging it here!) During the 4 hour swim meet. Eric and some of the kids went to a bakery and picked out some treats to share.

Kacin's guesses were much more creative than what E and I came up with, but our "V" was for Very good dinner. We went to Dick's Drive-in for the first time ever.

"E" was for Everyone plays a game. We took a raincheck on that one because the swim meet went longer than we expected and we were all exhausted when we got home. We played our game of Hide and seek in the dark on Sunday night.

A whole Valentine's day of LOVE with my family is just the best.

After the kids were in bed, we got together with a few friends for games. E made the best domino tower ever.

Until it fell.

Which was a metaphor that all good things must come to an end and Valentine's day/week was over.

Exception to the metaphor: our love. That will never end. ♥ :) 

February 16, 2015

valentine's cards

I was at the grocery store and I was really tempted to grab a few boxes of valentine's this year. I stopped myself. It has always been tradition to make our valentine's--completely homemade, kid-made, and simple.

Kyler and Kacin don't even ask anymore to buy valentine's. They just pull out the red paper and go to town. We don't look on pinterest or print anything out. It's straight from their brains and own little hands. They are as pleased as can be about them.

Kyler got really creative with his Valentine's box. He had to make it entirely at school on his own and had to meet three criteria: an animal, two different colors, and have a disney/pixar quote. He came home with this awesome Mickey Mouse box (which he sweetly gave to Perry as soon as his valentine's were out) . In the class contest, he won most creative box.

Layla and Perry worked hard on their Valentine's as well.

Layla passed out her Valentine's at the preschool celebration.

The excitement of Valentine's!

I'm glad I passed up those boxes of cards at the store. For my kids, simple, handmade valentine's are the way to go. 

February 13, 2015

children's museum

We got a membership to the children's museum. We've already had a lot of happy moments playing and pretending.