January 18, 2015

Tucson and a motorycle

My dad decided he wanted to buy a motorcycle. With a side car. We were supportive of that as long as it happened while we there so we could get in a few rides. :)

He found one he wanted to look out down in Tucson. We decided to all go along so we could also sneak in a visit with my Uncle Randy.

Randy took us to feed his neighbor's horse.

Perry was quite frightened.

We hiked a short ways along a trail in beautiful az mountains.

The rock collector . . .

We headed back to Phoenix after eating Mexican food. Throughout the rest of the week, we went on lots of motorcycle rides around my parents neighborhood.

Perry went missing for a few minutes one day. Where did we find him? In the garage on Papa's motorcycle. He had his backpack packed and resting on the back. He had his fake key in the ignition. He was holding onto those handles and he was ready to go.