January 13, 2015

his 10th birthday

Our Kacin has entered double digits. He is the big 1-0!

I love, love, love this boy.

All he wanted to do on his 10th birthday was play his new Madden game on the X-box. After Christmas in the morning with the Schlinks, Grammy, and Papa, we went to the Schlink's so Kacin could fulfill his birthday wish.

We stepped away from Madden for a little bit to take a dip in the pool. The pool was heated, the water was warm, but man it was cold outside. These crazies had fun in the water though. But they all turned into blue popsicles when they got out.

 Grammy made Kacin a really cool football cake.

Kacin's personality and interests have really come to light this past year. He has a love of sports (especially football), ASU, and playing outside. He is competitive and enjoys a good board game. He still avoids reading for the most part, but will occasionally settle down with a good book. He demonstrates his strength and focus each week at gymnastics. He tried out again for the school play and is having fun at rehearsals, but we are most proud of him for taking a stand and choosing on his own not to perform in the second performance of the play because it will be on the Sabbath. He practices the piano the least amount he can get away with, but when he sets his mind to learn a piece, he does it well. We love this ten year old!
Lisa said...

Laura Allen! I haven't checked in with you for awhile and I can't believe this is your boy! He is so big! I love your blog and I'm glad you have that email thing because I'd like to stay more up to date than I have. It's good to see you guys and your beautiful family!