January 11, 2015

happy christmas

Christmas 2014 was simple, happy, and quite different from years past. A lot of our regular christmas traditions were switched around a bit because we would be catching a flight christmas morning. We spent most of Christmas Eve finishing the packing and getting ready for our trip to Arizona.

We also took time on Christmas Eve to exchange family gifts. Every person bought a gift for everyone person. I loved taking each of them shopping. It was fun to see the Littles pick things out at the dollar store for each person and be so sure that Kyler wanted a Guardians of the Galaxy coloring book, daddy needed marshmallows, or that a hairbrush would be perfect for Papa. Kyler and Kacin set their own budgets and used their own money to buy their gifts for each person.

Eric and I deliberately cut back this christmas. Some new clothes, books, and art supplies. Nothing extravagant. Santa simplified, too. Our kids were very gracious about everything.

My favorite part of opening presents from each other were the hugs. Lots of sweet hugs! Now that is what Christmas giving is about.

On Christmas morning, there were three children up since 4:30am, but who knew they had to wait until 6:30am, ready at the top of the stairs while Eric went downstairs to turn on the christmas tree lights.

Lots of smiles about what santa brought them.

We had a quick breakfast, woke up Perry to show him that santa came (He could care less about the toys santa brought him--he loved that big barbie car. I figured he would prefer that. I told Layla santa brought that for her and Perry to share. But, at this point, it is all Perry's. He now sleeps with it every night. Layla is ok with that, too. Santa would've saved a lot of money if he had known Perry would prefer that over some pretty sweet Playmobil cars and toys . . .), and then we were off to the airport.

After surviving our three hour flight, I was too busy being happy that we were in Arizona with family and sunshine to take any more pictures. We arrived in Phoenix around 3pm and spent the rest of the day playing at Grammy and Papa's house. Jacqui, Josh, Logan, and Macie came over that night. They stayed the night so once the kids were in bed we got a game of Ticket to Ride in. They next morning, we exchanged gifts with each other.

I'm so grateful for family. That's what made our christmas so wonderful.

Merry Christmas 2014!