January 29, 2015


We were all looking forward to sunshine and warmer weather while in arizona. We didn't get exactly what we were hoping for though. We got plenty of sunshine, but, then on our amazing race day, it rained. And then, a few days later, we saw something I've never seen before on my arizona mountains--snow! All over four peaks and superstition mountains.

It made for a pretty drive to visit E's home town of Eagar.

Our kids were excited to play in the snow when we got to Eagar. Layla was the most anxious to get out into the snow and build a snowman.

Eric made sure while we were there we got the grand tour of Eagar. We drove by the house his grandparents lived in, his old schools, the hill that Stu set on fire, the dome they climbed up in High School, the high school where they pulled the prank that got him arrested, his old house, aunt's house, etc.

Of course, we spent time at Allred's store. E's grandpa opened the store and now his dad owns it.