January 8, 2015

agents of SHIELD

SHIELD needed us.

As SHIELD's newest recruits, we fought along side Thor, Captain America, Spider man, She-hulk, and Iron man for a night.

We wore cool wristbands (that did nothing. you were supposed to scan them at the different activities to track your progress and they were supposed to buzz at some point to tell you it was your turn for the ride, but apparently shield was having technical difficulties).

We participated in training activities. We went through a maze of laser beams, flew like iron man, and shot our weapons.

We called the Avengers to stand by our side.

Then we were off in the 3D dome fighting alongside some great super heroes.

We had a lot of fun! It would've been better if it wasn't so crowded. We waited a long time to try the things we did, and we didn't have time to try two of the things.

But it was a Marvel Experience worth having.