December 6, 2014

snow day

Layla has become our christmas and winter expert. She peppers us with questions and talks to us about santa, his reindeer, and the north pole. She wraps presents (books and toys she finds around the house) for santa and people in our family. She insisted she would be the one to put the star on top of the christmas tree and that she would need a ladder to get up that high (good thing it was her turn anyways). She asks each of us what we want for christmas. every. day. She plays with and arranges the nativity. She makes pictures for santa. She knew exactly what she needed to do when the first snow fell.

She wanted a snow man. With a carrot for a nose. When we didn't have anymore carrots, she settled for a grape.

Kacin helped her with her sweet little snowman.

Everyone had a few minutes of fun in the snow.

Then we had some more fun in the freezing cold at the zoo.

A snowy, cold day ended up being a pretty good day to see some animals since most animals were near the glass or in their indoor homes to stay warm.

Perry walked around like this all day. We would turn his hat up so he could see, but he would immediately turn it down and walk with his head tipped back. My goofy little one.

The first day of snow is always a fun one.