December 9, 2014


Jenny was kind enough to watch our kids for two days and one night, even when she was hit with a cold, so we could run away for a little while.

I have learned the value of taking time to relax every now and then. An occasional short time away does wonders. Especially when we escape to a place where I can do this.

And then soak in mineral pools.

We indulged in the biggest breakfast known to man while sitting in our own private dining nook overlooking the beautiful waterfall of Snoqualmie.

We got lots of Christmas shopping done together and I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in past 7am.

But just like every time we are away from our kids, we talked about Kyler, Kacin, Perry, and Layla in nearly all of our conversations. We were quite happy to come back home and get all their hugs and get back to the day to day of being mom and dad.