December 12, 2014

santa claus

We went to the party with our best holiday sweaters on.

It may be hard to tell from this super blurry picture, but the kids decorated their sweaters with some christmas stickers. Kyler was a good sport to even take one of my sweaters to decorate and wear!

There was food, friends, cookie decorating, a movie, but the most exciting part was when a jolly man dressed in red with a long white beard came down the stairs.

Layla couldn't wait to see him, that is, until he actually came down the stairs. Then she was quite hesitant to sit on his lap and talk to him. When she saw that if she sat down she would get a present, she decided it would be ok.

Likewise, Kyler and Kacin joined up with all their friends to take a turn on his lap in order to get the gift.

Perry just repeated over and over that santa was scary. He did not want to get too close, let alone sit on his lap.

We are counting down the days until santa makes a stop at our house on christmas eve.
We believe.
Jenna Allen said...

Bah-hahaha! I love all of this.

Elaine said...

Hey I just thought I would leave you a random comment and let you know I peek at your blog and love your updates. I really liked your love story you wrote for your anniversary. And I also liked your post "Light." Your strength and courage in motherhood gives me strength and courage. Merry Christmas!