October 27, 2014

pumpkin carvings

We pulled out the pumpkins last night to carve some spooky faces and designs.

Kacin was in charge of helping Layla with her pumpkin. They scooped seeds together and Layla told Kacin what kind of face she wanted.

Kyler was in charge of helping Perry.

But Perry wanted nothing to do with that icky mess.

He thought it was disgusting and that we were crazy to keep asking him to put his hands in it.

Perry was happier eating oatmeal. Kacin is quite excited to roast his bowl of pumpkin seeds tomorrow.

I love that Layla is in a flowery, spring easter looking dress for this fall tradition of pumpkin carving. She took off her sweater to stick her arms in the pumpkins. She cried to put it back on two minutes after we stepped out into the chilly air on the porch to light the pumpkins.

The finished pumpkins!